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Argotik is a Web 2.0 Internet ApplicationOpen Source of SaaS type (Software as a Service). It allow the management of Events, Clients, Contracts, Invoices, Courses, Rendez-Vous and Schedules are perfectly integrated.

It is a must for any enterprise providing Training, Professionnal Services, Events, Renting, who need to effeciently and securly manage their business via Internet.

Argotik allow managment of customers, invoices, contracts, ressources, schedules and reservations.

Argotik allow easy creation of schedules and events filling, as well as followup of presences.

Argotik provides on the fly flexible financial repports. Exporting repport result toward Excel Spreadsheet is done on a click.

Argotik is alredy available in English and French. Other language could be set up in few hours, as a matter of translation.

Argotik is an Open Source project. Souorce code is available on SourceForge at http://argotik.sourceforge.net/

The actual version of Argotik is specifically adapted to manage the followup of Events like Training, Courses, Conferences.

Argotik could be adapted to more specific businesses like Hotel room, Renting companies (Truck, Tools, Services, etc).

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